How Chatbots Helps To Grow Your Business

In our competitive world, Everyone is trying to grow their own business. To increase our business Text messaging helps us to communicate with customers.Now customer service industry is mainly focusing on the Chatbots. Chatbots is the next big thing for IT industry in 2017.

Chatbots is a computer program which is designed to simulate a conversation with human users through the Internet in textual methods.We can also call it Artificial Conversational. It’s really wide, varying from functional to fun and it can implement in any major chat product like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, text messages, is being sortKik Messenger etc. Chatbots have the capability to interpret human speech or inquiries and instantly decide which is being sorted out. Sometimes we can’t realize it, but when it comes to buying tickets, hiring Uber, chances are high that there’s a chatbot living in your device messaging app.

Where the activity really happen


Instant Customer Support:

Now, instant customer support is the most important things to grow your business.Waiting for support is the worst phobia for any customer.Chatbots can alleviate customer service agents, by helping with basic, repeatable customers’ queries. A customer service rep can step in later to handle more complex tasks when needed.It will be easier for him than looking through all the variety of items that an online store has to offer. A customer can just talk to a chatbot and gets what he want. And he’ll get help no worse than with a live consultant! Also, a chatbot is available 24/7, and a user will appreciate a personal approach to him.

Special Service for Customer and increased sales:

A chatbot can search a product catalog and make personalized recommendations for a customer.Assume, a customer tells a chatbot they’re looking for Apple Laptop. The chatbot can help to pull items with proper details for the customer. Once a customer decides to buy the product, the entire sales process may be handled by chatbots as well. Many companies want to make sure that they provide a balance between automation and human assistance.Then the company can ensure that customers have access to human agents as well.

Transmitting :

Another extremely useful feature of Chatbots is Transmitting.You would not have this feature on your website or app, as you can send notifications to users or customer according to their queries in a chatbot. So this will be a much more targeted transmitting based on customers likes and dislikes. Have launched a new product? Send a notification about it to a user who will definitely like it. Besides, sending notifications to the customer is free of cost.

Subscriptions :

A user can subscribe to your news, social media profiles like facebook, chatbot  istwitter and get updates from all the resources in one chatbot.The broadcasting based on subscriptions will be sent only if a resource has an update.After using this features with chatbot is building platform, will help to constantly improve your online store chatbot.


This year, 2017 is a year of changes, time to rethink about the customer-seller relationship, and it’s time to look at e-commerce differently.Many believe chatbots will transform customer service as we know it. They can also increase sales. By creating an automated, they can be a first point of contact with the customer.If you want your business to be successful, you’ll definitely create your own chatbot, as it’s not only a trend we all have to follow but it also a new vision of sales market.