The man who sell dreams-Shah Rukh Khan at TED

I am a movie star, I’m 51years of age and I don’t use Botox as yet. So I am clean but I do behave like you saw like a 21-years-old in my movies.

Yeah, I do that. I sell dreams and I peddle love to millions of people back home in India, who assume that I’m the best lover in the world. If you don’t tell anyone, I’m going to tell you I’m not, but I never let the assumption go away.I have also made to understand there are lots of you here who haven’t seen my work, and I feel very sad for you. That doesn’t take away from the fact that I’m completely self-obsessed as a movie star should be. That’s when my friends Chris and Juliet called me here to speak about the future”you”. Naturally, it follows I’m going to speak about the present me.


Because I truly believe that humanity is a lot like me. It’s an aging movie star, grappling with the newness around itself, wondering whether it got it right in the first place and still trying to find a way to keep on shining regardless.

I was born in a refugee colony in the capital city of India, New Delhi and my father was a freedom fighter. My mother was, well, just a fighter like mothers are. And much like the original homo sapiens,  we struggled to survive. When I was in my early 20s, I lost both my parents which I must admit seems a bit careless of me now. I do remember the night my father died, and I remember the driver of a neighbor who was driving us to the hospital.